Indian Ocean Cruise 2015/16 - Reunion & Mauritius

In 2010 we did an Indian Ocean cruise to Mauritius, Reunion and Madagascar and, in December 2014, decided that we'd like to do it again. Sadly the cruises either go to Madagascar or Reunion and Mauritius - a shame to sail right past Madagascar but we booked the latter which left Durban on December 29th and meant that we spent the New Year at sea.

MSC Cruises -


Dec 29th. Board the ship and leave Durban in the afternoon.

Dec 30th, 31st and Jan 1st . At Sea.

Jan 2nd. Reunion. Arrive 8am. Leave 5pm.

Jan 3rd. Mauritius. Arrive 9am.

Jan 4th. Mauritius.

Jan 5th. Mauritius. Leave 1pm.

Jan 6th, 7th & 8th. At Sea.

Jan 9th. Arrive Durban 6am.


The MSC Opera which can carry over 2000 passengers and has 13 decks!


On board.





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