South Africa 2008 - Richmond

After our Botswana trip we returned to RIchmond and a few days later I flew back to the UK for a couple of weeks while Kevin stayed in RIchmond. I stayed with my Mum and was able to catch up with my sister, Diana, and her family and friends.

Desiree and Greg's Wedding.

Our niece, Desiree got married in December. The day was perfect, no rain but not too hot either. The ceremony and reception took place at Pecanwood, a beautiful location in the KwaZulu- Natal MIdlands about an hour's drive from RIchmond.


The gardens at Pecanwood are lovely.


Our nephew, Conah, who is 7 years old, has been doing karate for the past couple of years. In December he passed his grading exam so the family went to watch him receiving his awards.




All the family (17 of us!!) were in Richmond for Christmas Day. One of the presents that the twins got was a game called Twister. As it was a fine afternoon most of us went out into the garden and

The Cottage.

After Christmas Kevin put down a deck outside the cottage which is great and gives us an extra 'room'.

It took him a while as the concrete base sloped in 2 directions but after several days of careful consideration and some trial and error he managed to make the wooden base. Meanwhile I was painting the decking planks (23 of them) with 3 coats of preservative.

Laying the decking planks was the easy bit!

I spent quite a bit of time in the garden where levelled some of the ground and then built a small wall. I'm currently moving some of the turf in front of the deck to the patch of ground that I levelled (to the left of the table and chairs).



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