Richmond - January to March 2010

It had been our intention to spend a few weeks in Richmond and then head off to Botswana however we ended up spending several months in Richmond while our vehicle was being fixed.

Our great-neice Veronica with her son Dylon, who was born at the end of September.

Veronica is currently studying to be a teacher at Pietermaritzburg university. Dylon goes to creche 2 days a week and is looked after by great-grandad Colin on the other 3 days.


Jason and Mark were given J-boards for Christmas and have become very proficient with them. They offered us a go but we prefer not to break any bones.........

There's a racecourse and casino complex in Pietermaritzburg. On Pat's birthday we had a meal there and then Kev and I went to the races while Pat, Colin, Lesley and Bob spent the afternoon in the casino.

Between us Kev and I choose the first or second placed horse in 5 of the 6 races but mostly bet on a win when the horse came in second and a place when it came in first but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


The twins have played in several cricket matches for their school. As the playing field is just across the road from us we often go and watch the home matches.

We found this snake under our decking. It was dead having tried to swallow the toad - just the foot was sticking out of the snake's mouth. We kept it until the twins got back from school and they soon got some tweezers and managed to pull the toad out of the snake.

In January we'd taken our vehicle into the garage that we use in Pietermaritzburg and after checking it out they said that the engine needed replacing. We agreed that they should look for a second hand engine. The first 2 engines that they got were no good but, after 4 weeks or so they found a decent one. They then discovered that other bits wouldn't fit on properly so more parts were needed - we think this may be because the vehicle is, apparently, a 'grey' import from Australia so may not have standard parts. At the end of February, after 6 weeks without a vehicle we decided that we needed a break so borrowed Colin's landrover and had 3 days in the Drakensberg mountains.

We wanted to stay at Giant's Castle Reserve but it was fully booked so we stopped at Glengarry Lodge instead.

Glengarry cottages, taken from the nearby trout stream.

The view from our cottage.

The nest day we drove to Giant's Castle Reserve and walked from the camp to a cave which had some rock art paintings.

The cave was at the top of a hill with a good view back down the valley.


There were several paintings of animals and people. We had a guided tour and, probably due to the overcast weather, were the only ones on the tour.


The cottage has been painted inside and out and now looks much better.

Pat and Colin have a large garden and let me dig out and re-plant one of the borders as it had got covered in ivy and also a wisteria had got out of control and got everywhere. If I hadn't had that to do while waiting for the truck to get fixed I think that I would have got very fed up.



2 years ago I dug out and re-planted the border between the lawn and our cottage. Since then I've cut back some of the trees and and bushes a bit more and it's really opened it out and the plants have quickly re-established themselves.

January 2008

January 2010

By the middle of March our truck was still at the garage so we decided that a longer break was needed and ended up on a cruise to the Indian Ocean Islands of Mauritius, Reunion and Madagascar.


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