South Africa 2006 - Zulu Falls Game Ranch


We spent a weekend at Zulu Falls Game Ranch with Pat & Colin and some good friends Bob & Lesley. Bob does quite a bit of hunting so he suggested this venue where he can, with a guide,stalk and shoot a variety of game - none of the rest of us wanted to do any shooting, we just enjoyed a bit of r&r. The camp was on the edge of a deep valley with excellent views of a big waterfall.


The accomodation consisted of chalets with a large bedrooms and bathrooms and a large communual cooking and dining area. There were no other guests that weekend so we had the place to ourselves.


Lots of different birds lived and congregated around the buildings. A sunbird busy getting nectar from the flower of a large cactus.


As there are no large predators at the ranch we were able to go walking. We got quite close to a giraffe family. (Guests are not allowed to shoot giraffe).

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