Stoney Ridge Offroad Academy, Weenen, KwaZulu-Natal 2008

At the end of January we spent a weekend at Stoney Ridge doing a 4x4 course and having a great time. Our instructor, John, was an excellent tutor giving us lots of encouragement when tackling the various obstacles. We both took the course and had turns in negotiating the various sections. Pat and Colin also came, although Pat didn't do any driving and they both enjoyed themselves. We were also lucky with the other people on the course as everyone got on well.

Good company, great food and first-rate teaching - we can recommend Stoney Ridge to anyone who wants to learn how to tackle off road driving and begin to practice some recovery methods for a 4x4. We intend to return to do the next Level course as soon as possible.

At each obstacle we would get out and look for the best line.

John, the course leader, directed us down the obstacles.

There were 6 different vehicles on the course so we were able to see how they were able to negotiate the various obstacles.

River crossing! We got well and truly stuck in the sand trying to get out of the river but eventually managed it.

It took 3 attempts to get up this section - - diff. lock would have helped!!

On the second day we had to direct our partners down the correct line of the obstacles. This is Pat directing Colin with Kev taking a photo.

Kev was asked to get the Cruiser stuck in the sandy river bed.

We then used a snatch rope to recover the vehicle. Note that the hood of the Cruiser is up so that if the rope snaps it hits the bonnet and not the driver!

Colin and Pat attempting a section of the course.


Another obstacle.


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