Tanzania 2006 - Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Crater is a huge volcanic crater about 20 miles across and 600m deep. The image above is taken from the rim of the crater. In the centre is a huge soda lake (it looks white in the photo).

The campsite is on the edge of the crater. When we arrived there were only a couple of tents and a group of zebra but by the evening, once the buses has arrived there was hardly a spare piece of ground! We had our evening meal under cover as it has started to rain.

ng10 ng8

There are lots of animal in the Crater. We saw large herds of wildebeast and zebra as well as hippo, lions, buffalo and a rhino. Although they can get out of the crater many of the animals stay all year round as there is plenty of grazing and water.

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ng7 ng2

There were also lots of birds.

Black necked heron


Crested Cranes



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