Tanzania 2006 - Serengeti

It took most of the next day to drive to the Serengeti National Park along a very corrugated road.

On the way to the Serengeti we stopped at Olduvai Gorge where many prehistoric remains have been discovered, including what is thought to be man's oldest remains.

While Maravitt sorted out our entry into the Serengeti we walked up the hill behind the entrance gate and had our first animal encounter - a lizard that followed us up the steps for quite a while.

There were lots of lions around during our 2 day stay. This is the first one that we saw. He appeared to have found a sheltered spot for a rest!!

And this was the cutest one that we saw!

This young hyena appeared to be mesmorised by us (or our vehicle) for several minutes before heading off into the bush.

Another lion just asking to be photographed.

We were picked up at 5.20am for our balloon flight (organised by Serengeti Balloon Safaris). There were 2 balloons, each with 16 people in the basket.

The other balloon, as we were taking off.

The flight lasted for an hour but it felt like 10 minutes!! As well as a fantastic view of the open plains we saw several animals, including elephant, cheetah and a porcupine.

After the flight there was a champagne breakfast under a shady accacia tree.

We were very lucky and found a quiet campsite which the bigger vehicles couldn't get to. (The other site that we saw was abosolutely packed).

Part of a family of mongooses that we saw on several occasions at the campsite.

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