Tanzania 2006 - Zanzibar


We spent 4 days at the Red Monkey resort at Jambiani on the East coast of Zanzibar. This was a small, new complex with only half a dozen basic cottages. The views were stunning and we enjoyed our time here.


Most days the locals would go out fishing. We went snorkelling to the distant reef and were taken out in a dug out boat - the sails were made of used rice sacks! Superb snorkelling.


Jozani Forest Conservation Area is in the centre of Zanzibar and home to the Red Colobus monkey, which is only found on Zanzibar


Opposite the Jozani forest is an area of mangrove swamps.


We had a couple of days in Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar. The centre is a maze of small streets where you're bound to get lost!

There are lots of markets in Stone Town, this is the fish market.

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After our safari we decided to return to Zanzibar for more R & R. This time we stayed at Mnarani Beach Cottages at Nungwi on the North coast of Zanzibar. This was a more "up-market" resort enclosed by a wire fence, except on the beach front, presumably for security

Another superb location.

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Nearby was a centre which rescued turtles caught by the fishermen in their nets. Most of the turtles are returned to the sea.

Four legged power needed to get diesel to a boat on Nungwi beach!

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