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Bruges. April 2019

We spent 3 days in Bruges with my sister Di, and her husband, David. We travelled on the Eurostar from London to Brussels and then took another train to Bruges where we stayed in a small hotel not far from the centre - but nice and quiet. We were very lucky with the weather, it was cold but as we had plenty of sunshine so were able to do lots of walking around the town. We've been to Bruges on several occassions but it was the first time for Di and David.

Bruges is often referred to as 'The Venice of the North' due to its numerous canals.



The central square at night.

The first of many belgium beers!

One morning we walked up a narrow, steep staircase of 366 step to the top of the Belfry (bell tower) on the southern side of the main square. We were there soon after it opened. By the time we came back down there were long queues as they limit the number of people in the tower.

The bell tower houses a carillon with 47 melodious bells. At every quarter hour some of them ring out over the town with a longer melody on the hour.

The Belfry from the back courtyard with queues of people waiting to go in.

The main square below from the top of the Belfry.

Although we'd visited Bruges this was the first time we did a boat tour around the canals - it was well worth it.

Many of the bridges are very low.

Our 'driver' was very entertaining which enhanced the trip.

As well as the 'main' canals there are plenty of others smaller ones that you come across as you walk some of the quieter back streets.

One afternoon we walked as far as the Minnewater Lake and Park to the south of the town.

Although the canals in the centre of the town are now used for tourism there are some much larger ones around the town which are still used for commercial barges.

The Park to the East of the town has 4 windmills, one of which is open to the public.

A huge barge waiting for the lock to fill up.

We had some great meals.


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