UK, Holland and Belgium - November 2010 to January 2011

OK so this trip isn't in Africa but as we spent a couple of months in the UK & Europe I thought that I'd add a page about our visit.


We spent all of December in the UK visiting family and friends. Most of the time there was snow on the ground but fortunately it didn't stop us visiting Lancashire and Cumbria.

We travelled through The Lake District on our way to Cumbria.

The week before Christmas saw the heaviest snowfalls while we were staying with my mum in Buckinghamshire.

It looked very pretty but after a couple of days of very restricted travel, as many of the roads were not gritted, everyone was getting fed up with it - except the dogs at Diana's house.

Christmas day was one of the few days that we saw the sun. We spent the day with my sister Diana and her family. This is the view from their house......

....and we even got a great sunset.

We spent a week, in North Holland staying with our friends, Ray and Ann. We visited Alkmaar which used to have a large open-air wholesale cheese market.

The Cheese Hall in Alkmaar.

The Cheese Museum in the Cheese Hall.

Some areas of the polders (reclaimed from the sea) have lovely woodland.

We stopped at a Steam Museum. Although it was closed we were able to wander around the outside exhibits.

These fishermen were fishing on a frozen canal - they did have a safety line nearby.

We visited ... , a pretty village and port on the .....

A typical Dutch bridge over a canal.

Boats tied up in the frozen harbour.

On our way back from Holland to the UK we spent a couple of days in Brussels as we felt the need to check out the Belgium beer.... very tasty but also very expensive in the bars.

We discovered a couple of new beers, Waterloo (on the left) and La Corne. As with all Belgium beers they have their own glass.



The Grand Place in Brussels is surrounded by beautiful buildings

We visited the Military Museum spending a couple of hours there (free entry) and didn't see even half of the exhibits.

One hall was dedicated to the First World War.


There were hundred of guns and swords on the walls of the rooms

The Manekin Pis is a famous statue in Brussels.




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