Our Hilux.

Current Vehicle

September 2017.

When we went back to the Uk in 2016 we expected to have to stay for 3 to 4 years so sold our hilux. However, as the doctors decided that I just needed regular check-ups and scans we returned to SOuth Africa in August 2017 so the first thing we needed was another vehicle. We'd be happy with out 3 litre Hilux so looked for a similar vehicle but with a double cab and were lucky enough to find one with only 50,000km on the clock at Hillcrest.

As with our previous vehicles we had a few extras fitted:

aluminium canopy with side and back opening.
dual battery system
bull bars

Kevin then put in a drawer system and fridge slide.


Our Hilux.

Buying a vehicle.

A comparison of the camping setups that we've used.

Solar power.


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